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A full performance of Kenton's original music along with his transformative insights, wisdom, and inspirational life story makes for an uplifting experience. For Kenton, music is the magic that changes everything.

You will find yourself wowed by the music, warmed by his kindness and good humor, and challenged to discover your own "inner song."

From contemporary to classical styles and moments of complete improvisation, the performance displays Kenton's versatility as a player, composer, and entertainer.

It is a powerful experience to "bathe" in Kenton's intuitive, meditative, musical wave.

His passion for music is unmistakable. A passion you will share in this unique solo piano show. Get ready for what has aptly referred to as "cosmic music."

Now Booking  piano show, keynotes, special presentations and workshop opportunities.

Contact Robert Zucker at Amaz Entertainment for scheduling at


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