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My Story

Music saved my life. More than once. Music has been an important part of my journey and spiritual path since I was a child. I will tell you more about my journey soon. It may help explain why people find my music compelling, reaching into the depths of their being. I know it did mine, and it continues to do so.

May 1, 2022

As long as I can remember I have used pedals or filters in music in unusual ways. It became a joke among my musical friends until it became a trademark, even in my youth.

In my teens I recorded the washing machine in my parent's basement and ran it through a distortion filter. That became a back-beat to an instrumental mantra piece. I played the melody on my Hammond organ, which I ran through a fuzz pedal. This produced unique sounds and atmospheric music with a big PUNCH.

I still use pedals and filters "in ways you are not supposed to do." It is part of what gives me my unique cosmic sound. I have developed my own unique filters to produce mind-expanding sounds. These allow me to perform everything live, without backing tracks or overdubs.

It is important to me that each show is unique, and that I am very present in every musical piece. Using pedals and filters allow me to do exactly that. I never use filters as a crutch for lack of musicianship. Instead, I use these filters so that the full sound of the pieces come through live, while allowing me to be in the moment with my audience. Even my recordings are done this way, so that I am fully present and all my energy comes through in every track.

Pedals and filters have been with me almost from the beginning. I use them still, from time to time, to create my full cosmic sound. I like being unique, but it is more important that the music really transforms people. That is what it's all about.

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